Why Limon? 

The motivation to launch Limon Marketing stemmed from an innate spark to become a business owner (likely, an influence of my father who launched several businesses in his career before finally realizing success in his sixties), the drive to help others and a confluence of events, both personally and professionally, that signaled the time is now.

Prior to starting Limon Marketing, I was once told I was one of the best growth marketers in the country by a senior level Facebook employee… but I have met others, just like me with the same unique skill sets. I know you have other options out there. So, why my company? What makes me different? I truly care. And, I put my whole heart into what I do. Heard that before, too? Well, here’s my story…

My early career landed me in the ad agency world. I loved the fast-paced nature, quick learning curves and helping our clients drive business. However, I soon learned that in my experiences, the work wasn’t motivated by the clients' best interests. It didn’t feel right, so I left and went to the "client-side" where I could (hopefully) be closer to the business.

While I was closer to the business on the client side, there was so much third party involvement that I still felt one layer removed. In 2012 I was given an amazing opportunity to grow a new business, being hand-selected out of 10,000+ employees to lead the marketing of, and help launch a new, mobile product that would come to be known as Cartwheel. While an exciting proposition at the time, it was not without risk. I was asked to vacate a very fun (and lucrative) role within Target to start a new product that was untested and unproven – but I believed in it!

I took a leap of faith with no guarantees, which amounted to be the best career choice I've ever made (until now, of course) and put me in the position I am in today - leading my own growth marketing business to help you and your business succeed.

I have a history of taking risks when I see a misalignment of personal and professional values. I understand that my business won’t survive without my clients and the success of their business. I pledge to never lose sight of that nor take your business for granted.

about the founder

  • Hand-selected out of 10,000+ corporate employees to lead marketing for the Cartwheel app

  • Founding member of first-ever product team at Target; helped transition Target from waterfall to agile product development approach

  • Established product marketing discipline at Target

  • Grew Cartwheel app to 40M users (56% millennial base) maintaining a 20% MAU rate, a top 5 position in the app store (retail category) throughout its lifetime, and $5B+ sales

  • Led multiple technology platform integrations, including enterprise push notifications and mobile measurement and attribution

  • Helped inform Facebook & Instagram mobile app ad products and analytics platforms 

  • Featured as a brand to follow in Instagram’s style guide for brands

  • Provided feature creation guidance of Facebook’s push notification product and was a launch partner at f8 (2016)

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